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What are the characteristics of liquid packaging bags

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Insulation effect of packing materials in bag in box on oxygen. The gas barrier function is the main factor that affects the quality of the product during the shelf life, and it is also the main reference for analyzing the shelf life. If the packing material has a poor gas barrier function, it will cause questions such as oxidative transformation of the contents due to sensitivity to oxygen. The gas blocking function is measured by the data of gas transmission. The relevant regulations clearly stipulate that the experimental methods of gas transmission rate of plastic films and sheets are checked by differential pressure method. Of course, after ensuring that the gas barrier function, sealing function and bottle cap torque target of the bag-in-box package are qualified, other targets such as sealing strength and tensile function need to be controlled to ensure its shelf life and application adaptability. Sex.
The sealing function refers to the reliability of the sealing of the bag in the box. After this test, the integrity of the entire product packaging seal can be guaranteed, and problems such as leakage, pollution, and transformation due to the poor sealing function of the product can be prevented. There are many methods for the sealing function test. The most commonly used method is to use a leak tester. The vacuum packaging is mainly to investigate the recovery of the samples after the experiment. Of course, the above method is based on the principle of visual inspection, which is a qualitative test method. If you want to quantitatively check the sealing and leakage function of packaging, you can choose the positive pressure method sealing function test equipment, leakage and seal strength tester.


  The value of the locked and open torque value of the bottle-in-box packaging bottle cap is one of the technical parameters for the offline or online control of the production unit. Whether the torque value is suitable or not has a great influence on the central transportation and final cost of the packaged goods. Convenient for use, friendly human-machine interaction; It has dual measurement forms of locking force and open force, and the peak value is actively adhered to, and the results of multiple units appear and can be analyzed statistically; high measurement accuracy and good stability are indispensable in the production process Laboratory equipment.

The cursor is usually dark, which has a large contrast with the background color. It is best to use black. Generally, red and yellow cannot be used as the cursor, and the color scale of the same color as the photoelectric eye can not be used as the cursor color. Light, you cannot use the light green color as the electrical eye cursor color, because the green photoelectric eye cannot recognize the green color. If the background color is a darker color (such as black, dark blue, dark purple, etc.), then the cursor should be planned as a hollow cursor.
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