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Applicable products for sterile liquid packaging bags

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The production process of aseptic packaging bags is mainly divided into blown film, cutting, heat-sealing bags, vacuum packaging, and sterilization.

 Film blowing: Turn on the air purification system in the workshop, and sterilize the workshop and operators to make the operating environment reach the set standard, and blow the purified polyethylene particles at a specified temperature range.
Cut: The tubular film after the film is blown is cut into different size film tubes according to the size required by the customer.
Heat-sealing bag: heat-sealing machine is used to seal the film tube.
Vacuum packaging: multi-layer vacuum packaging according to the specified quantity after sealing.


Sterilization: Sterilize the packaged bag with gamma rays to meet the sterility requirements of the product.

Delamination of aseptic packaging bags is mainly caused by improper production process. For example, improper handling of ink, glue, film, etc. may cause delamination when the finished cooking bag is used.
Ink / glue operation and use problems In the production process, the common application of flexible and easy cover film is jelly cover film. Improper handling of ink / glue can cause delamination of sterile packaging. For example, the amount of curing agent does not meet the requirements. When the amount is too low, the degree of cross-linking is insufficient, and the adhesive strength is reduced. When the amount is too high, it affects the crystallization of polymer materials, and the ink layer shrinks excessively, causing delamination. Or the maturation time is not enough when the aseptic packaging bag is produced, resulting in insufficient crosslinking and insufficient hydrolysis resistance of the ink layer.
的 The applicable products of sterile liquid packaging bags are as follows:
Food: wine, red wine, rice wine, cooking oil, fruit juice concentrate, egg liquid, milk dairy products, beverages, drinking water, sorbitol, syrup, soy sauce and other liquid condiments.
Industrial oils: Lubricants, lubricant additives, glycerin, coconut oil, castor oil, palm oil, transformer oil, high oil fatty acids, etc.
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